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In collaboration with our partners, we can provide you with additional, tailored activities to help you support the wellbeing of your team. 

Teambuilding and wellbeing days

Team wellbeing support

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People who ‘play together’ work well together – that’s why we’ve assembled a range of team-building activities for organisations which want colleagues to build relationships that will in turn build the business…

We can put on a range of activities to suit you, but here’s a sample:


Bespoke team building with Everton in The Community, covering mental health awareness or awareness raising initiatives such as blind football. 


A day in the mountains: take a small group onto the Lake District hills for a rewarding walk, and learn some navigation skills at the same time. Led by a fully qualified mountain guide, it’s five or six hours with just colleagues, boots and compass – followed by the walker’s traditional after-walk refreshment.


Paddleboarding: paddleboards, big and small, for teams to navigate the waters together. Led by paddleboarding instructors - local in Liverpool or further afield - your team will make a splash. This will be followed by nutritious and delicious refreshments of your choice. 

These are some of the options - we will work with you to craft a fun and productive day for your team. 


Team wellbeing.

Supporting colleagues through a focus on mental health and physical activity is key for many organisations. Contact Sport members can access the mProve YOURSELF app, which offers all kinds of health and wellbeing tips.


Also, linking with partners like Health@Work and Everton in The Community means Contact Sport members can access comprehensive programmes at discounted rates, including:

Mental Health Awareness Training with EiTC

Workplace Wellbeing Charter (delivered by Health@Work) 

You can also access one-off talks around specific topics such as menopause and equality and diversity.

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